TOP 10 Best Roguelike games to play in 2024

Roguelike games

Roguelike games have entertained players for years with their tough gameplay, randomly generated levels, and permadeath mechanics.

In 2024, developers are introducing fresh features and compelling stories to this genre. As a game developer, I’ve explored many of these games and compiled my TOP 10 recommendations. Whether you’re new to roguelikes or a veteran, these games will provide an excellent gaming experience.

It’s also worth noting that I’ll be talking about famous roguelike games that haven’t been released yet

1. Ocean Keeper

Ocean Keeper

An absurd hybrid of an open world and Dome Keeper. You will be the target of the entire undersea world. Locate caves and excavate tunnels to obtain important materials for enhancing your weapon.

levels that are procedurally created. In order to survive as long as possible and discover the secrets of the water, combine a vast array of weaponry to create a special battle module. The game is scheduled for release in July 2024 this summer.

  • Tip: It is possible to write to the developers of the game to get a free demo for review.

2. Hades II

Hades 2

The much-anticipated sequel to the acclaimed Hades, this game promises to be a true successor. With more gods to interact with, new weapons, and an extended narrative, Hades II refines and expands upon the original’s brilliant formula.

Expect fast-paced combat, rich storytelling, and addictive replayability.

  • Tip: Experiment with different weapons and Boons in the original Hades to find the best combination for your playstyle.

3. Spelunky 3

Hades 2

Building on the legacy of its predecessors, Spelunky 3 offers more traps, treasures, and secrets in its procedurally generated caves. The increased variety in enemies and items adds new layers of complexity.

  • Tip: Practice makes perfect in Spelunky. Learn from each death and refine your approach.

4. Darkest Dungeon II

Darkest Dungeon II screen

Expanding on the first game’s dark and punishing atmosphere, Darkest Dungeon II presents a new adventure with improved graphics, mechanics, and storylines. Its roguelike elements make each run a tense journey into madness.

  • Tip: Managing stress levels is crucial to survival, so choose your party wisely and retreat if necessary.

5. Enter the Gungeon: Reloaded

Enter the Gungeon Reloaded

The new installment in the Enter the Gungeon series brings additional gungeoneers, weapons, and enemies. Its frantic twin-stick shooting and bullet-hell action ensure a relentless pace.

  • Tip: Keep moving to avoid enemy fire and utilize dodge rolls to evade deadly attacks.

6. Dead Cells: Echoes

Dead Cells Echoes

An expansion that adds more biomes, weapons, and enemies to the base game, Dead Cells: Echoes maintains the original’s challenging gameplay while providing more variety for long-time fans.

  • Tip: Experiment with different builds to find one that complements your skills and preferred playstyle.

7. FTL: Faster Than Light 2

Building on the foundation of the original, this sequel offers a more expansive universe, new ships, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. The roguelike nature ensures that no two spacefaring adventures are the same.

FTL Faster Than Light 2

  • Tip: Upgrade your ship strategically, and keep an eye on your crew’s health and morale.

8. Rogue Legacy 3

The latest in the Rogue Legacy series adds more heroes, traits, and abilities to its signature side-scrolling roguelike gameplay. Its persistent progression system lets you see your legacy grow with each death.

Rogue Legacy 3

  • Tip: Balance your upgrades between attack and defense to ensure survivability in later stages.

9. Slay the Spire II

The sequel to the deck-building roguelike phenomenon, Slay the Spire II introduces new characters, cards, and challenges. The game’s innovative blend of roguelike elements with strategic deck-building ensures endless replayability.

Slay the Spire II

  • Tip: Build your deck wisely and keep an eye out for synergies between cards.

10. Caves of Qud: New Horizons

This cult classic continues to evolve with its latest update, offering more intricate biomes and quests. Its complex world-building and deep mechanics make each run a unique experience.

Caves of Qud New Horizons

  • Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different mutations and skills to create the ultimate survivor.

Isometric in Roguelike Games

Isometric perspectives are important in roguelike games because they provide a unique view of the game world that enhances both gameplay and visuals.

Just to define isometric game, players see the environment from a tilted angle, making it appear 3D on a 2D screen. This is particularly useful in roguelike games as it gives players a full view of their surroundings, helping them navigate procedurally generated environments.

Advantages of Isometric Perspective in Roguelikes

  1. Enhanced Spatial Awareness: The isometric view allows players to see more of the map at once. This expanded visibility helps players plan their moves carefully, avoid traps, and strategize combat engagements more effectively.
  2. Visuals: The three-dimensional illusion created by isometric graphics adds depth to the game world, making environments more immersive. Games like Hades use this perspective to highlight their stunning art design, making players feel like they’re truly part of the underworld.
  3. Detailed Environments: The isometric view allows developers to add intricate details to the game world without overwhelming the player. Players can appreciate the art and level design while maintaining their focus on gameplay.
  4. Tactical Combat: In roguelike games where positioning and tactical movement are crucial, the isometric view provides clarity. Players can see enemy positions and navigate obstacles more easily, leading to more strategic combat


Whether you’re new to roguelikes or a seasoned veteran, these 10 games represent the best of what the genre has to offer in 2024. With their challenging gameplay, unique features, and captivating worlds, each one provides a distinctive roguelike experience that will keep you coming back for more.