Five Ways We’ve Caught Cheaters Using Technology

Technology in the hands of businessmen

We’ve helped so many people find out the truth about their partners and relationships, not always with the results they’ve expected, and could help you too. If you suspect your partner or spouse of being unfaithful and need to know the truth then we can find the answers you need.

Case 1: The Stereotypical Secretary
A woman approached us online with suspicions that her husband was seeing another woman. The couple had been married for over a decade and had both had brief affairs at some time or another but were open and forgiving as long as they remained brief. However, this time was different. The client asked us to set up surveillance on the office of her husband and we proceeded to do so. With our high tech camera equipment we soon gained footage of the target in intimate relations with the secretary who had been in his employment for 6 months and who he was planning to leave his wife for shortly.

Case 2: Caught in the Act
A client came to us with concerns about his girlfriend of 8 months. Though the couple hadn’t been together for too long, they were very close and the client intended to propose marriage to her. Before doing so, the client wanted to be sure of her fidelity and personality and so requested our services. After consultation we decided the best course of action was to set up surveillance on the target. During the period of surveillance, the target was filmed on our state of the art video recorder entering the car of the best friend of the client where they proceeded to become very intimate before he dropped her home and she went back to her boyfriend.

Case 3: Boyfriend Troubles
Sometimes it’s not our own partners we have suspicions about. In this case, a young woman contacted us with concerns about her mum’s new partner. The couple met online and have been together for almost a year but the daughter cannot shift her suspicions that the boyfriend is still in close contact with an ex who lives nearby. To put her suspicions to rest the client asked us to monitor his activities with surveillance. We did and caught footage of him in compromising positions with this old flame which the client was able to present to her mother, allowing her to make the right decision for her and move on in her life with someone she could trust.

Case 4: Sister Act
The case of this young woman also became a family affair but in a different way. The client employed our services when she believed that her boyfriend was seeing someone and unfortunately she was right though it wasn’t with the person she was expecting. When we presented the client with the HD film footage of her boyfriend in the hope that she could identify the individual he was with, it turned out that she was all too familiar and the client’s own sister. It soon became apparent that the pair had been seeing each other for the majority of the client’s relationship with her boyfriend and had no intention of changing this. The client is now in another relationship and no longer talking to her sister.

Case 5: Sneaking Suspicions
A gentleman came to us in the hope of finding his wife. Several weeks before the client had voiced his suspicions to his wife of her infidelity and though, at the time, she said nothing, he woke up a week later to find no wife and a note. His wife confessed that she had run off with a younger man and that they were going to be in a relationship together. The client had not seen her since and was anxious to speak to her and clarify their relationship. This is where we came in. We were able to locate the client’s partner’s car and fit a GPS Tracking device which provided him with the details he needed to make contact with her. Following the investigation the couple were able to resolve their issues and start a fresh life together.

As the author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator he has trained many  investigators some of whom work for Private Investigators Cardiff Charlie continues to research his material throughout the world.