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What Is Lido Learning Education To Someone Who’s Already Graduated?

The Lido Learning system is a popular online education system designed for Indian children. Sahil Sheth, the founder of Lido learning, has been in the education sector for over eight years. He explains how the course started. “We knew that in India, the traditional education system was still very much in place, and we wanted to develop an education system that would be open to all Indians.

To democratize online education, Lido learning developed its tech platform within less than 23 hours. Sahil Sheth, the founder of Lido learning, was the pioneer that founded the online education business. Sahil explains, “He had been in education for a long time. It was a hobby, but it took a turn when he started working for, another firm, which made him realize that there was a big potential in online education. He did his research and realized that the Indian market was tiny and could target the global market, which he did by creating Lido learning.”

What exactly is Lido Learning?

As the name suggests, Lido learning is an interactive learning platform that can be used by students of all ages. Students have access to interactive features like music, videos, and e-mail and chat facilities. The platform allows children and adults to share projects, learn in the same environment and, interact with their peers.

With Lido learning, children can participate in fun projects like writing a book, making crafts, and solving problems using their knowledge and understanding. Students can also create personal projects displayed on the site and receive feedback from their peers. Parents can access the site and provide feedback and suggestions to the students to enhance their learning.

Different Modules provided through Lido Learning

To give the students the maximum benefit from the platform, Lido learning offers different kinds of modules. These modules can be learned in their home or accessed through the site for better understanding.

Many modules provide students with an overview of mathematics, science, English language, English literature, and English history, while some also have quizzes that test them on their academic skills.

The Advantages associated with Lido Learning

There are a lot of advantages associated with the use of this online learning program.

  • The first is that it enables students to learn at their own pace. This helps learners improve their knowledge quickly and efficiently.
  • By using Lido learning, children can choose which module they want to learn and know the subject matter and content of various subjects without any hindrances.
  • The second advantage is that students do not have to worry about getting time or distance learning, and they can go ahead with their projects whenever they want. This allows them an opportunity to take care of their assignments while enjoying their leisure time. They can work at their own pace, and learning can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • Another advantage is that students can learn at the pace of their child, and if needed, they can take the online classes of the Lido learning module. This means they can study at the convenience of their homes without having to spend extra time commuting from school.


With today’s fast pace education system, there is an excellent need to introduce fantastic education systems, and Lido is one of the leading educational systems these days. This system is helping students to adapt and learn new things very quickly.

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Computer Problems: Laptop Won’t Turn On

If you are having trouble starting your laptop, try not to panic. It could be some basic problem that can be easily resolved. Although computers are complex pieces of machinery, its often a simple issue that is causing the problem. Try some of the tips mentioned below to see if you can get your laptop started, if none of them work, you should probably bring it to a company who specialise in computer repairs in London or wherever is most convenient for you.

Here are some of the main problem’s computer technicians can resolve:

  • PC or laptop won’t power on
  • Black screen problems
  • Keyboard won’t work
  • Liquid damage
  • Display problems

Here are some things you can try before bringing your laptop to a trained technician.

Check the Power Supply

The problem may not be with your laptop but with the charger or even the power supply. Try your laptop charger in another socket to see if there is an issue with your laptop or the area supplying power to it. You can also have a quick look to see if you are using the right charger, some manufacturers look the same, but they aren’t designed for different models.

Remove the USB or Memory Card

Your computer may be getting stuck before it opens windows, this can be caused by a USB stick, memory card or sometimes a DVD. Make sure you remove all external items and try reboot your laptop.

Screen Problems

If your laptop’s power LED lights turn on and you can hear the fan whirring inside, the problem could be with the screen.

Computer & Laptop & PC

Best Tips to Improve Gaming performance on a Laptop

In general, a gaming laptop do not have the same level of performance compared to a similarly-priced gaming desktop or a video game console. But you can change it by following all the simple tricks mentioned below. The aim is to be able to play the latest titles without having to spend a small fortune on a new more powerful hardware. Instead, you will just have to be motivated to do what it takes to optimize your laptop for your favorite games.

Do Proper Maintenance of the Gaming Laptop

The first thing you have to do is keeping your device clean and dust-free all the time. If you want to enhance performance on your laptop, it is essential to have a proactive attitude to physical maintenance. Dirt and dust reduce airflow and heat up the machine quickly. If you do not clean it up whenever it is necessary, the processor, the GPU, and most of the other components will slow down inevitably. This will not allow to play your games effectively. No need to open your laptop to get rid of the dirt and invalidate the warranty, just find a guide to cleaning a laptop computer correctly online.

Use the Nahimic Audio Immersive Audio Software

If you want to make the best of your gameplays on your laptop, you must enjoy a high quality of image and sound, especially if you like to play demanding titles like MMO and FPS games. The Nahimic software is an advanced audio enhancement tool that lets you enjoy a very high quality of sound while playing video games on your computer even if you just use plain headphones and speakers. It improves the voice clarity and removes 90% of the background sound. It also has a bass boost system to ameliorate your surround experience and allow you to play at the volume of your choice without disturbing the neighborhood.

Overclock the Graphics Processing Unit

Overclocking the GPU of your laptop may be challenging if you are not used to do it but it can provide additional performance out of its graphics card. There are many tools available online that are adapted to both AMD and Nvidia GPUs to make the task easier for you. Otherwise, you can turn into a professional for help. The key is to adjust your laptop’s power settings correctly by enabling the High Performance option. To do so, you can follow this path if you use Windows 10: Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings and High performance. Know that this option requires more electricity so be careful with the heat.

Close the Other Applications

It is as simple as that, closing the background apps and games is efficient to enhance the gaming performance of a laptop computer. Before launching a new game, get into the habit of making sure that no other app is still on. Take also a look at the system Tray, the part of the Windows taskbar lists apps that are running in the background. Close them all before clicking on play.

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Easy Fix When Encounter PC Problems

It’s become nearly impossible to reside without computer systems. You require it to study, communicate, put together documents, and even generate income. While they’re great devices to possess, they often develop difficulties. Here are probably the most common pc problems:

Failure As well

If you’ve been utilizing computers for some time you should have come across this issue. The very first thing that you ought to do if you have this problem would be to confirm in case your computer is attached to power. If it’s connected but still can’t function, you should think about trying another power stage.

If the actual computer still fails you ought to open it to be able to ensure that the elements are correctly seated within their sockets. Things for example add-in credit cards, memory sticks happen to be shown to avoid computers through booting; consequently, you should check out them as well as ensure that they’re in their own right locations.

Short circuits are recognized to prevent computer systems from operating; therefore, you should have a keen consider the inside from the computer as well as check if you will find any burnt out elements. The major reasons of brief circuit tend to be: water harm, power spikes and overheating.


Computers are made to process information fast; nevertheless, they often slow down as a result of number associated with reasons for example too numerous programs, infections, overheating as well as outdated motorists.

To solve the issue you ought to stop unneeded programs. It’s also wise to ensure that the computer is not overheating through keeping the inside dust free of charge. You also needs to ensure how the cooling fans will work perfectly.

If you think that the issue may be caused by viruses, you need to open your own antivirus software program and make sure that it’s up-to-date. To eliminate any feasible malware you need to run a complete scan of the computer.

Strange Noises

Sounds can transmission a impending mechanical failing. The problem may be due to a free computer component. To rectify the issue you ought to shift the road of the actual wires. It is also wise that you simply tighten the actual screws.


These are probably the most common pc problems. While there are several problems that you could rectify by yourself, it’s extremely discouraged that you simply try in order to rectify the issues without having the required computer abilities. For instance, you shouldn’t make an effort to open the actual computer without having the abilities. For your pc to last for a long period you should make sure that you buy it from the reputable shop. You also needs to ensure it’s repaired with a certified expert.