5 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile App

Modern business is all about connectivity, and with the fast pace of digital marketing the mobile app comes into its own. Of all the digital marketing tools available, a customised mobile app is perhaps the most powerful, as it delivers your marketing content to your customers’ mobile screens. If you have never considered designing your own mobile app, here are a few reasons why many businesses are opting for the ultimate in digital marketing tools.

1.       Improve the Customer’s Buying Experience – Rather than having to go to your website and browse the list of products available, the customer can simply open the app and use the order form that would be part of the design, making for a very simple purchasing experience. Re-ordering has never been easier, as the customer can place an order in no time. If your company is located in the UK, Digidom are the market leaders in mobile app design and with their expertise and your input, the app will bring many dividends to the table, and with regular updates, you use the app in a number of ways, not just for marketing. 

2.       Customer Reward Promotions – If you normally send SMS to your clients, many will be ignored, as most people don’t even bother reading them, and research suggests that people are more likely to read something if it comes via an app. Whatever promotions or campaigns you run, they can all be integrated into the app, which results in your message being delivered right to the customer’s screen. 

3.       Branding and Customer Awareness – Every opportunity to expose the consumer to your brand is valuable, and every time your customer opens the app, there will be your logo and branding, and every little helps. While there are few certainties in the dynamics of e-commerce, you can safely say that all businesses will eventually create their own mobile app, and by getting at the start, you can enjoy the advantages of limited competition, at least for a while. 

4.       Online Marketing – The mobile app is perhaps the most powerful digital marketing tool, as it allows you to deliver quality content directly to the customer’s smartphone screen, something that is otherwise impossible. Loyalty bonuses, seasonal discounts and special offers can all be delivered via your mobile app, and will also help you to track customer history, with data concerning location and demographics, you are able to effectively analyse and improve.

5.       Online Support – If your company offers round the clock support for your customers, a mobile app will certainly speed things up, and should a customer require out of hours attendance for any reason, they simply fill in the form in the app, and their information reaches you instantly. With support and servicing, slow response could be disastrous, which is why you should create your own mobile app.

If you really want to boost your business, the best investment you can make is a customised mobile app, and with this invaluable tool that grows alongside your company, you will always have the ability to deliver the right content directly to those who matter.