What is Sims 3 and what makes it interesting?


Sims 3 on one of the sought after simulation game for all those casual gamers out there. One can enjoy this game especially if one is not that fond of action and shooting games. With this third installment of sims the overall experience of the game has improved and the entertainment level has also become more intriguing. One can find more info about sims 3 from its official website.

What is Sims 3 and what makes it interesting

The best thing about this game is that one will not have to learn various controls and actions to play this game, anybody can play it. however it is not a boring game either; one will not only have to create and character and give them personality depth, the player will also have tread through various life challenge and tasks. Simply one will have to decide how their sim will lead their life, if they are happy or not, fulfill their goals and wishes, etc.

Best gameplay features of Sims 3 are:

Skills and talents

In the Sims 3, the sim is talented and they can learn any particular skill like fishing, sprinting, painting, cooking, etc. one can use these skills to earn extra bonuses, complete various tasks and can also start one’s own business and earn money through that. This feature helps the sim to make money and be more challenging than simply choosing a career.


In the Sims 3, one can choose from 11 different career paths which may also bifurcate at a later stage giving two career options. Choosing a career means the sim will have to go to work and e=increase their value as an employee. One will also get paid according to their job in the local business, but one can always work harder to get promotions and salary raise and other career bonuses. One might also have to work on certain skills to enter a certain career.


With Sims 3 the developers have made sure that the characters get some social depth as they can interact with new people and create relations and friendships. One will tweak through their sim’s charisma and personality to make them either likable or unlikable, this way they can either make good friends or enemies. One will get options which are relatable and can also keep a tab on the conversation meter to know about how one’s sim is faring in interaction.

Life cycle

In Sims 3 one can also enjoy watching their sim grow and live a full circle of life starting from being a bay to an old age person. One will have to handle their sim according to their age and demands which are relatable to the age. In this game, one can control 8 sims in a particular household.


The graphics of the game is great as one can literally sense a real world in there with people walking by, cars on the roads, trees blowing, day and night cycles, etc. one can also enjoy the characters expressions and emotions perfectly with some tweaked graphical settings of ones computer all need to do is go to the sims 3 download link.Also one can enjoy the very famous sim background music and also can listen to pop songs of one buys a radio.