Best Tips to Improve Gaming performance on a Laptop


In general, a gaming laptop do not have the same level of performance compared to a similarly-priced gaming desktop or a video game console. But you can change it by following all the simple tricks mentioned below. The aim is to be able to play the latest titles without having to spend a small fortune on a new more powerful hardware. Instead, you will just have to be motivated to do what it takes to optimize your laptop for your favorite games.

Do Proper Maintenance of the Gaming Laptop

The first thing you have to do is keeping your device clean and dust-free all the time. If you want to enhance performance on your laptop, it is essential to have a proactive attitude to physical maintenance. Dirt and dust reduce airflow and heat up the machine quickly. If you do not clean it up whenever it is necessary, the processor, the GPU, and most of the other components will slow down inevitably. This will not allow to play your games effectively. No need to open your laptop to get rid of the dirt and invalidate the warranty, just find a guide to cleaning a laptop computer correctly online.

Use the Nahimic Audio Immersive Audio Software

If you want to make the best of your gameplays on your laptop, you must enjoy a high quality of image and sound, especially if you like to play demanding titles like MMO and FPS games. The Nahimic software is an advanced audio enhancement tool that lets you enjoy a very high quality of sound while playing video games on your computer even if you just use plain headphones and speakers. It improves the voice clarity and removes 90% of the background sound. It also has a bass boost system to ameliorate your surround experience and allow you to play at the volume of your choice without disturbing the neighborhood.

Overclock the Graphics Processing Unit

Overclocking the GPU of your laptop may be challenging if you are not used to do it but it can provide additional performance out of its graphics card. There are many tools available online that are adapted to both AMD and Nvidia GPUs to make the task easier for you. Otherwise, you can turn into a professional for help. The key is to adjust your laptop’s power settings correctly by enabling the High Performance option. To do so, you can follow this path if you use Windows 10: Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings and High performance. Know that this option requires more electricity so be careful with the heat.

Close the Other Applications

It is as simple as that, closing the background apps and games is efficient to enhance the gaming performance of a laptop computer. Before launching a new game, get into the habit of making sure that no other app is still on. Take also a look at the system Tray, the part of the Windows taskbar lists apps that are running in the background. Close them all before clicking on play.