Prices Of Ultrabook And Tablet Fell by 7.8%

Prices Of Ultrabook And Tablet

The average selling price of ultrabook and tablet fell by 7.8% in 2014 : to release this data was the analyst firm ABI Research, according to which the weeks of income needed to purchase these devices have dropped by about 30% on an annual basis; a really good rate, the latter, even if we know that the prices of the tablet are still sky high (especially if you claim something more from the photographic industry and from the processor).

To explain everything in detail, Stephanie Van Vector, analyst for ABI:

“In 22 countries between 2013 and 2014 there was a decline of 8.5% in the average price of the tablet and of 7.1% in that of the ultrabook. This reduction allows devices to reach a wider audience in different countries.”

The survey by ABI Research shows that the accessibility of tablet and ultrabook is significantly higher in mature markets like the US, Japan, Germany and some other: nothing surprising, of course, since it is normal that, where the market is saturated, trying to attract consumers with offers and price reductions consistent . Good news also for Chile, where the price of the tablet and ultrabook decreased by 56% (were the tablet, however, to see its price drop more: namely of 70.3%).

Negative news, however, for India, where he recently met the Prime Minister and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella : here the average price of these devices is in fact increased by 22%, with a peak of 34.5% for the tablet, seen that have been placed on the market more expensive devices (think iPad). These are the main data, but research is much more detailed: below, the link to work.