Keyword Research and SEO: Marketing Basics


The importance of a good website is already clear to everyone. Of even more importance is that your website is optimized so that your website is well shown in searches on the internet, for example at Google. Especially the larger organizations have been busy with website optimization and SEO for some time now, so they are shown well (high) in the search results on the internet. This is also feasible for SMEs, foundations and associations. For a good display your website must be optimized in accordance with the rules that are mainly used by Google.SEO for healthcare

Below is a brief description of the steps required for the optimization of your website, search engine optimization, SEO.

Determine Keywords for the Website

First of all, you need to determine which keywords are really important to your organization. On which keywords and combination of keywords would you like your organization to be shown when searching on the internet. This is the first step towards SEO for healthcare practices from Online Marketing For Doctors that you should know.

Keywords Research

Then you have to have a keyword research carried out. This gives you insight into whether the keywords you have conceived are actually used for searches on the internet. A well-executed keyword search gives you insight into alternative keywords that you might be able to use much better. In addition, the competition is made transparent for each keyword or combination of keywords. This allows you to determine in a realistic way what is and is not feasible.

Include keywords in your website

Now it is important that the eventually chosen keywords are processed in the texts of your website. The keywords must be generated in a realistic way and return regularly with alternative names. It only makes sense to include the keywords in the text if the text actually relates to the keyword. The text must also have some size and be unique (ie not copied from another site).

The keywords must then also be processed within the technical structures of your website, such as the page titles, labels, internal links, the URLS, etc.

Structure, Building Website for Search Engine Optimization and SEO

The structure of your website must be structured in such a way that your website can be read and indexed correctly by the search engines (but also by other search engines). This is also an important part of the search engine optimization of your website. We can investigate this for you and provide the web builder with the necessary instructions to further optimize the website and make SEO technically sound.

External links to your website: External links from other websites to your website can contribute to a higher impression within the search results on the internet. But beware that you do not participate in SEO link exchange programs and/or a large number of paid links. Among other things, the search engines can show your website lower for this purpose. The external links must therefore be logical, reliable and from relevant websites.

If everything has been processed now, the results must be analyzed with some regularity, for example with the search engine analytics tool.

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