How to shoot a multi-camera scene using just a video camera


Using a camera as a lecture while shooting an event, it is difficult to create a finished, polished product while you keep only a camera angle. The second loss is when the product is about to be edited, you should add PowerPoint slides and get them separately, which is a time-consuming task.

video camera

Its solution is to capture the second-camera angle as well as to achieve the PowerPoint presentation in real time. This is because you need a different camera angle or an alternative image to enable the video to be edited expertly.

The event of video editors is to accelerate and tighten the competition, reduce the workforce and mistakes, and drive them smoothly. To do this, the editor needs to cover the editing points by adding another image, and this angle may be the second camera such as the common spell or, in fact, the same slide show.

While the best video cameras operator has trouble raising loudspeakers, but the powerpoint will be stuck during the audience, with little planning impossible.

The final result is that the final product looks like there is more than one camera, even if it does not exist.

Fits perfectly

In an ideal world, all such programs will be covered by at least three HD cameras, which will be directly converged with HD power point segments, expanded into a blender and will be resurrected. Immediately

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but there are some techniques we can use to incorporate this process, by making the time in the editing package more productive and by adding the total product price for the product.

In this shot for the camera, the angles must have a speaker and a camera angle in the form of viewers. We also need to pick up a PowerPoint presentation, but we will not do it with a camera.

Keynote speaker

With the possibility of rebooting from the beginning of the beginning and end of the caption, it covers the total length of the tablet from the waist to the speaker body, ideal frame, “half shot” heading correctly known for most of the headings that cover the camera It should not be.

However, it is good to change or merge the frame as a promotion for the title to visualize. This could mean turning it into a whole electrical plane and then returning a mid-air flight. An up-close or MCU Switch to the center and come back to the middle level.

Frame transition is safe at the point of displaying a new power post shortly. This is because when editing, we will cut the energy point at this stage, with which the camera shake will hide.

The public

It is imperative for the audience to take a photograph as the size of the tire. Ideally, you need a narrow band, as well as a group of group photos and close-ups for one person. It gives many options to the editor and also creates visual research.

But how do I present my audience when I hear the speaker? You order it already.

When conducting a camera shot, the first thing I need is to speak to the speaker or speaker that it is essential to get the viewer’s footage. I understand that to do this, and I will need to change before the camera mode room even if there is no missing information in the presentation.

To get this photo from the audience, I’ll take at least 10 minutes, so you need to add a 10-minute part or make arrangements to the loser. This is usually done at the end of the address.

From time to time, the keynote speaker will indicate a small part of the presentation near the end that is essential for the product video, in that case, there is no need to include any material in minutes. They tell me the Que Point for this content and currently install the camera.

Mostly, this window is achieved by applying an example of a 10-minute story, story, or theme through a speaker, but this does not need to be done for the video.

This allows you to reset the camera operator length in the foreground to multiple viewer frames.

I have ten minutes to capture many images to the public, after which, the speaker ends his story, and thanks to the audience, and I can publicly use that at the beginning and at the end of the program Have a chance to get a good view.

Most often, MC promotes the second round of crown for the chief speaker, so that another recording door can be in a different setting.

If you can not take a keynote speaker to provide a window for 10 minutes, ask MC to do so. In most cases, in most cases.