Google Introduces Latest Cloud Storage Pricing Structure Beating All Competitors

Cloud Computing Concept

About 5 to 10 years ago, you would not have imagined owning personal online storage capacity of a terabyte; however,, Google has announced last week that it will offer a terabyte of cloud storage for merely $9.9.

The technology giant will provide the initial 15 GB per month without any cost, and if you need massive memory space, you can buy 10 terabytes or more for just $100.

Over the years, heavy pricing has been the biggest concern for organizations and individuals wisihing to convert to cloud computing but Google’s initiative will surely turn out to be a breakthrough for this technology, as it is likely to push the cloud rivals to lower down their prices. Let’s compare the pricing structure of some of the popular cloud service providers with Google Drive:


Dropbox charges $9.99 per month for 100 GB; whereas, the same memory space costs just $1.99 a month with Google Drive.


The Cupertino-based company demands $8.33 per month or $100 a year for 50 GB of iCloud storage capacity, but you can get twice the space every month for less than $25 a year with Google.

Microsoft’s OneDrive

Microsoft only offers annual plans, charging $25 a year for the starting package of 50 GB. In the same price, Google gives you 100 GB. However, to attract new users, Microsoft offers 7 GB totally free.


While a terabyte of storage costs just $9.99 with Google, you will have to pay $55 per month to SugarSync for up to 3 users.

Apart from individual users, Google has the cheapest plans for developers too. Amazon’s S3 cloud service, which is quite popular among developers, charges about $85 per month for one terabyte and Microsoft’s Azure platform, regarded as the cheapest plan for developers, costs around $68 a month for one terabyte. As mentioned above, Google will ask for just $9.99 for the same storage space.

Considering the predictions about the future of cloud computing, this is one of the most important offerings by the technology giant as Google Drive joins the company’s many other applications.