Computer Problems: Laptop Won’t Turn On

Computer Problems

If you are having trouble starting your laptop, try not to panic. It could be some basic problem that can be easily resolved. Although computers are complex pieces of machinery, its often a simple issue that is causing the problem. Try some of the tips mentioned below to see if you can get your laptop started, if none of them work, you should probably bring it to a company who specialise in computer repairs in London or wherever is most convenient for you.

Here are some of the main problem’s computer technicians can resolve:

  • PC or laptop won’t power on
  • Black screen problems
  • Keyboard won’t work
  • Liquid damage
  • Display problems

Here are some things you can try before bringing your laptop to a trained technician.

Check the Power Supply

The problem may not be with your laptop but with the charger or even the power supply. Try your laptop charger in another socket to see if there is an issue with your laptop or the area supplying power to it. You can also have a quick look to see if you are using the right charger, some manufacturers look the same, but they aren’t designed for different models.

Remove the USB or Memory Card

Your computer may be getting stuck before it opens windows, this can be caused by a USB stick, memory card or sometimes a DVD. Make sure you remove all external items and try reboot your laptop.

Screen Problems

If your laptop’s power LED lights turn on and you can hear the fan whirring inside, the problem could be with the screen.