Choosing the Best TV Size to Purchase


Choosing the TV size to buy depends on several factors. When going into the retail store that deals with television sets, you already have the following pointers in mind.

The Size of the TV Stand

There is a question of whether you plan to set up the TV on a stand or use a wall mount to hang it. When the only viable means is using the stand, you must be considerate about the width of the stand as compared to the size of the TV. Using a stand is better because one can move the TV closer to the viewer, especially in times the pictures may be too small to view. Vu TV sets come with a strong base which makes them settle on any piece of furniture. Always ensure that wherever you plan to position your TV is wide enough to accommodate the screen size.

The Size of Your Room

If your living room is small, you will definitely have limited space for TV watching. This means that such a room needs at least a 40-inch screen. This will enable everyone seating in the room to have a proper viewing. Smaller TVs may be inappropriate. Moreover, if the room is bigger, you need to buy a relatively bigger screen size. A 50 inch Samsung TV would do for a bigger living room.

Your planned Budget

Some people have the tendency of buying something without prior planning. While buying a new TV set, the money you intend to use for the purchase should be confined to your budget. Avoid impulse buying. This is when you enter the retail store, get excited about seeing various TV sizes and brands and make an unplanned decision to buy.

Power Rating

Do not buy a TV without checking the power rating. Even as most TVs are deemed to consume almost negligible power, some of them may use enormous units of power. Your power bills may just become elevated. No one would want to experience the pleasure of watching TV and later go through the agony of paying high bills. It is as simple as checking the power ratings to know how efficient it will be in terms of energy consumption.

Screen Size and Picture Quality

The screen size and picture quality are most notably the basic features that many buyers are interested in. Not even one among the many buyers may want to have a TV set that has blurred pictures. For this reason, it is prudent to check the quality of pictures displayed even before you leave the seller’s premises. However, it is worth noting that your budget will also determine the screen size and quality you want. The bigger the screen size, the expensive it becomes. Additionally, screens with high-quality pictures will cost you more. You can visit CompareRaja for a variety of TVs on an affordable LED TV Price with a wide spectrum of screen size and picture quality.


Buying a new TV just become easier! With the tips listed above, you can now make the most appropriate choice when buying a new TV set.