Choose the Reliable E-Commerce Hosting in India

Ecommerce is the latest and the most popular way of shopping these days. We understand the importance of hosting in all e-commerce websites and thus offer exclusive eCommerce hosting plans to its valued customers. We offer all-inclusive and secure hosting for your e-commerce website. We also provide maximum hosting space and complete JAVA Support. Not just this, you get much more on our most powerful servers hosted in India. Hosting Raja also offers its customers TRULY Unlimited Data Transfer and Instant Activation.

Looking for a reliable and secure e-commerce hosting provider?

E-Commerce in India is growing at great speed. Unfortunately, E-Commerce hosting in India has not been growing at the same pace. This has caused several problems for small business owners who want their own E-Commerce presence in the Indian hosting market space. They have no other option than to go to the highly expensive hosting companies. Hosting Raja provides inexpensive E-Commerce hosting in India that covers all the development platforms comprehensively, thus narrowing the gap between E-Commerce growths and hosting.

We has not only adopted the ways of successful hosting companies but also developed innovative hosting solutions to offer you the best Ecommerce hosting in India. This is possible due to our expert team of talented engineers, who think innovatively and get solutions to tough problems.

Online Security

Trust is the most important factor in any business. To provide the customers with a great shopping experience, they must be able to trust you. Your E-Commerce hosting package comprises of free access to a shared SSL certificate. You can upgrade to your own personalized SSL certificate for a highly secured E-Commerce hosting platform whenever you want. We also offer private SSL certificate plans to select from depending on your E-Commerce business size.

Why Hosting Raja For Ecommerce Web Hosting?

  • We provide 24 X 7 customer and technical assistance for beneficial e-commerce hosting
  • We provide the singleton IP address
  • We have maximum server uptime
  • We offer a sufficient number of POP’s, three e-mail addresses, aliases, and free forwarding as well
  • Equipped with e-mail auto responders
  • Our servers provide full FTP access round the year
  • Flawless data support like MySQL.

Ecommerce web hosting solutions provided by us are the best in every aspect of technology, experience, professionalism, market research, etc. Ecommerce web host needs will be much different from the hosts for basic information or maybe text structured web pages. The e-commerce web hosts constantly need to go on adding new pages and items to the existing data. Frequent updates are required. Also, these websites should have easy to customize web host options, in order to be used according to their requirements.

Want to start your own online store or want to transfer your existing online store to secure web hosting providers in India? We proudly offers you the most reliable and flexible e-commerce hosting in India that comes with e-commerce compatible features like the installation of various shopping carts with just a click. Install Agora Shopping Cart, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Zen Cart Shopping Cart and Cube Cart Shopping Cart with ease. We also provide SSL certificates to secure your website.


Enjoy Videos and Movies with Free Video Downloaders on Android

You should always take good care of your interests and hobbies. If you love to watch movies and videos then you must have an application installed in your device that becomes a bridge between you and entertainment. There are so many options in the videos and movies to watch and download today. And it is really unfortunately if you just can’t get them on your device yet.

Here, in this post you might get to know about a few of the many incredible video downloading applications of android. These apps are phenomenal and really effective for anyone and everyone. These video downloading aps are free of cost and a delight to experience.


It is a great downloading app and it is going to allow you to download videos from YT in quality. The quality ranges from 144p to that of 4K. The application supports parallel downloads of manifold files having good downloading speed. This application also permits you to free pause or resume the downloading documents as per your convenience. The built-in browser allows you to directly fetch the video from YT. You can pick the desired format and video quality.


It is a great choice for people who love to watch videos and download regularly. If you want to have a hassle-free experience in watching and downloading the videos then you should do install Vidmate Apk as it is the platform for you. You can easily receive the finest features in this app. whether you wish to getformat preferences like mp4, FLV, 3Gp or so on; you wish to download the video in the HD or any resolution; you can relish it all under the domain of this application. Indeed, this free of cost app is a great source for your video hunting and getting the best ones.

YTD Downloader

This is a latest video and audio downloader application for the users having android. You can easily get the grip on unlimited downloads from a number of streaming sites. It is time that you build a playlist and maintain your preferred collection of media. You can also even setup a password to protect the content. YTD is a light weight application and hence would not demand sufficient space on your device. This app can be a good choice for your android video downloader platform.


Free video downloader is popular among Android users. Although it is not compatible with YouTube and it does not possess a catchy interface, but the app does have an edge with its abilities. It gives you the resume option in downloading. You can even easily download manifold files at once with FVD. Further, you can even place private videos under coded security too. In this way you get your own personal zone of videos in your device. Nobody can mess up with that videos stuff of yours.


So, you know what to have the right videos and movies at the right time is the greatest bliss. You can always enjoy contentment and extensiveness. You would never have to give up on your interests of extensive variety.


What are top features of collecting the wish music file with Vidmate tool?

Watching the videos filed has filled with number of things to update the skill and also you can simply spend your free hours by watching the movies and other picture. Internet filled wide range of the multimedia file with no risk of it. Let us check out top notch features below


Top quality videos:

Some of the tool has some issues in the quality, but you try with this vidmate tools which let to collect with HD quality. Therefore you can see with more interest. Most of the videos can be save offline from the various sources. The format will be simple to pick with this tool that is come with May additional features.

Easy to run over mobile:

It can download the fine in simple for dissimilar site. This platform is rich in the form of content and it become have single click and name them to work as per your wish

Massive collection of file:

User wants to spend large amount of the money on the getting large pixel movie in the market. It can simply free of cost and get a greatest collection of the file from this platform. Vidmate Apk has top quality with more preferable format over the existing file.

Enjoy the high speed:

Internet speed becomes great problem over market in these days so you have to try out with this tool. You will meet special and new experience at all time. This tool let to collect from the top most sites, even the internet will be low speed. Common it built with the special technology that assists to increase the output of speed to get friendly interface and simple to navigation at all time.

Highly secure video content:

When you come to this tool, the security features are really great and built with the new ideas. It is well secure by using the passwords with the help of the real user profile of name and also it has option to block the adult content and much more.

Access to the various social media file:

Most of the youngsters spend time in the social media by seeing the funny videos and other interesting fact. Some of the videos need to be watch again and again so they are requested to save and see without having any sort of internet connection. It allow to share the collected files via this site can be shared to the friendly and other people.

Large network:

Vidmate become bid brand in recent days and it has growth of developing day by day. It becomes more popular which can be downloading in almost in all part of the company. When come to have million of download make Vidmate over the famous around the globe.

Therefore you can have to try to go with this tool and start seeing the wish file with no error. This tool never get buffering and low quality experts and to watch without any risk of it.


Common Mistakes That Business Owners Commit When Managing SEO Campaign

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential for every online business in today’s time, and for that, you need to find a top SEO company in Gurgaon. Every business has been established with a few goals. Among those goals, achieving profitability or target revenue has been regarded as the most important goal. In order to reach that goal, a business needs proper planning and a few investments.

A major portion of investment has been done in business marketing. In today’s time, the internet is an important medium for business marketing. If you have online business marketing in mind, you should invest time and money in search engine optimization. There are other methods of internet marketing, but SEO has been regarded as the most important method to promote a brand name or business name on the virtual world of the internet.

Common Mistakes in SEO by Top SEO Company in Gurgaon

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are a few errors which one should avoid at any cost. The matter of fact is that even experts make those mistakes. So, it is worth to know about these common SEO mistakes so that you can avoid them when running an SEO campaign. In the following section, you can find those frequently committed mistakes.

  1. Copied Contents

Everyone knows that copying contents would violate the copyright act. Hence, Google maintains a strict policy against plagiarism. However, there are some problems. SEO campaigners often do not copy whole contents, but they tend to copy only a portion. Search engine rates contents based on the uniqueness. Thus, you must be careful when you take contents anywhere from the internet. Following the same information, format and style of writing would fetch you negative SEO rating.

  1. Improper Use of the Meta and Alt Tags

ALT tags, meta tags and other important tags of the website should be enriched with keywords. For website optimization, keywords have to be used properly throughout the website. ALT tags and meta tags, along with the meta description section, should come with crucial keywords. Make sure that you use different keywords, as using the same keyword again and again in different places would make your website to appear spam.

  1. Irrelevant Contents

When it comes to website content for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, stuffing the content with keywords is not just enough. It is also not just enough to have informative content. Relevance is something that matters a lot today. Your website content should give users that they exactly want to read. Stretching the content unnecessary long would not help you.

  1. Not Embracing Responsive Website Design

For SEO, you need a responsive website design. When you have a responsive website, Google will give priority to the website. Nevertheless, you shall get more visitors as the website can be accessed by cell phone users too. In today’s time, not going for a responsive website design is a big mistake.

  1. Complicated Interface and Navigation

Seamless navigation and simple web interface are the two things that make a website perfect for the search engine campaigns. To make your SEO campaign result oriented and productive, you need to find top SEO services in Gurgaon.


Considerable things in choosing a reliable data warehousing service provider

Today, there are 0.5 percent of data that is actually being used, and a lot of businesses are losing more than six hundred billion dollars annually because of corrupt or bad data, that means, that by and large, businesses are not practicing the importance of data storage by improper storing, utilization, and analyzation that led to huge sums of losses that makes their business look bad than good.

In fact, it is a huge problem that is not usually talked about by many because it is often covered perfectly by business leaders so that investors, as well as consumers, will not panic. In today’s data-driven culture, your data is the most powerful tool you can use, and it would be no good to you if you cannot properly organize and analyze it.

In a broader term, data warehouse is a virtual place that stores your current and historical data which ranges from your marketing, your sales, and other departments of your business in a single central repository where you can analyze it for further market research, analytical reports, as well as other decision-making supporting facts that further solidify your chances of having a successful decision-making process.

Traditional operational databases meanwhile, should be updated in real-time to maintain its accuracy with an up-to-the-minute data that is time-consuming and very costly financially, while data warehouses are not required to be updated that frequently and are designed to provide you a historical and a very broad view of your data while the analytics of it is run in a data warehouse.

For the majority, the issue of having bad data problem comes from choosing the wrong type of data storage and running it ineffectively through wrong analytics. To help you out on this matter, here are some of the best tips in selecting a data warehouse that is reliable to hire for your business needs.

  1. Network latency is not a big issue for the service provider- There is a confusion when it comes to the speed in cloud-based services versus on-premise deployments, but the truth is that any given speed constraints that are imposed by having access to your data warehouse from a network do not take effect on performance whereas the decision-makers at organizations usually assume.
  2. Transparency for the cost- One of the imperative consideration in having a data warehousing service is the cost. For deployment, the costs of building a data warehouse system can cost a single business thousands of dollars or five figures to be exact and this cost does not even take into account the extensive administration and the costs of managing it.
  3. Meeting quality and standard rules of the service provider- This is relevant for cloud-based data warehouse services considering that you should be mapping your company’s own compliance requirements versus the standards that are used by service providers.
  4. Ensuring the availability of your data warehouse service provider- Regardless of whether you have chosen data warehouse as a system or just a cloud service, you should always opt to select high availability which should be a priority for your company. The move towards real-time analytical process and the reliance of your business to the data warehouse are depending on the availability of the service provided to you.